Exxon knew about climate change half a century ago.1 They deceived the public,2 misled their shareholders,3 and robbed humanity of a generation’s worth of time to reverse climate change.

1. Here’s a 1968 report for the American Petroleum Institute that proves it:

1968 report to the American Petroleum Institute, including Exxon, acknowledging catastrophic global warming

3. Currently under investigation by the attorneys general of New York, Massachusetts, U.S. Virgin Islands,and California

Petition the U.S. Department of Justice and State Attorneys General:

Recent reports have shown that Exxon may have known about the threat of climate change decades ago. Yet over the course of nearly forty years, the company has contributed millions of dollars to think-tanks and politicians that have done their best to spread doubt and misinformation -- first on the existence of climate change, then the extent of the problem, and now its cause. If Exxon intentionally misled the public about climate change and fossil fuels, then they should be held accountable. We're calling for an immediate investigation.


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Just as Big Tobacco lied about the risks of addiction and cancer, Exxon orchestrated a campaign of doubt and deception, making hundreds of billions4 at the cost of people's lives — now it's time for them to face the consequences.

4. Just since 1999, ExxonMobil has reported gross profits in excess of 1.96 trillion dollars



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